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April 02, 2012



Howard, you have eloquently humanized the sin, the social tragedy, the dire consequences of institutionalized racism. The more we name and dissect it, the closer we will be to meeting the obligation that all people who love justice and truth share; we must challenge the way things are until we dismantle structural racism and create the "beloved community" where things are as they should be. Thanks for sharing.

Giana Forzareli

Wow! I never knew that there were reoccurring cases of this horrible disregard to human testimony. It is a shame that race still has its place in the determination of a threat. We have to stop this belief at the start. People instill racial beliefs in their children through behavior and conversation. If we decided to refrain from preaching our racial beliefs to children, these incident may have a better chance of not occurring. The story about the marine getting shot over his Medical Alert System is completely mind blowing. The man only had boxers on. What warranted the responding officers to taser and shoot this man? I really hope these types of stories shed more light on this horrible dilemma.

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